The best cure for fatigue is sleep

Before you gather in a long journey, have a good rest. The night before, go to bed earlier than usual, we must try to relax. It is not necessary to watch TV or sit behind a computer monitor, all of it excites the nervous system. Better take a warm bath and lie down to rest. Early in the morning (if trip falls in that time) to cheer up will help cool shower and charging. Take exercise for five or ten minutes. This will be enough to ensure that the body woke up and came to.

If in the path of the drowsiness begins to overcome, close your eyes and you feel a looming fatigue, try to stop to rest or get some sleep. The most important thing is to close the door and try to make such stops in places where there is constant movement. In any case, do not stand near the forest or in a deserted area.

It's time to freshen up

Driving a car will help you cope with the impending sleep fresh air. In the winter it will be enough to open the Windows and let in the frost. In the summer, in addition to the included conditioning add a procedure to wipe the face and neck with cool water or wet wipes. Just in case, before you go stock up on a few sprays with thermal water.

Always at hand you must find eye drops that will save the eyes from the severe stress and dryness. While applying the drops stop, and five minutes wait to have the clarity of vision.


There is a huge amount of energy drinks, but it is better for them not to get involved because they are not very good effect on cardiovascular and nervous system. Overdose of products that contain large amounts of caffeine may be a big threat, even hallucinations, and even heart attack.


Listening to music can also distract from the desire to sleep. Put on some Groovy and rhythmic, turn it up and sing along. If you are traveling alone, as much as possible communicate with your companion.

Eating will help

Be sure to take with you something to eat. It can be fruits that don't need to brush or clean them in advance not to be distracted by it while driving. A variety of candy and candy, especially mint, will give you courage.