In order to learn how to wink, do every day several times a simple exercise. Do it better in front of a mirror to be able to adequately assess the result. First, focus all attention on the face. Learn how it changes from different emotions.
How to learn to wink
After that you need to strain all the muscles of your face. In order to achieve a more correct result, it is necessary to imagine as if you bit a lemon. A person in this pose, it is possible to blink. Because such methods could be used at an appropriate level to develop facial expressions. In addition, you will learn how to react faster and wink will be much easier.
Another way to learn how to wink, is as follows. Cover one eye with your hand, while others try to wink. When will practice start training the second eye. And so, while you will not be able to achieve natural movements.
How to learn to wink
You can still work out that way. Set a photograph of the object and carefully she winks. Will train in the picture, the easier it will be to a real person to wink at the meeting.
To wink, you'd have to look and your opinion of your interlocutor were located at the same level. The main thing - not to "drop" a glance at his feet. Chin also do not ride up, not to look arrogant person. The basic rule of winks - natural. It should be easy, not stressful and very fleeting. Only such a view can be called intriguing. And to check how effective was your wink, you can in five minutes. If the person you made no impression, it means that either you have not enough trenirovki your wink, or just is not your man.