The name of the account that is login in the computer, you can watch. In Windows 7 login appears when you turn on or restart the computer when the system prompts you to enter a password (if installed), change user. To know login you can also follow some simple operations. To do this, go to "start" and select "control Panel".
Next select "user Accounts". Upon entering this menu, you will see all the accounts that exist on your computer. Typically the personal PC account one. Therefore the login one. It is assigned when installing an operating system. If desired, the username can be changed to put other picture, to create a new account. It is also worth mentioned that the computer can be multiple accounts, but you can only be in one. All data is stored in "user Accounts".
There is another way to know the account name or user. Enter the menu "start" and select "shutdown". Click on the triangle next to the item. The system will offer you several options. Select the tab "Change account". This window lists all accounts that have been created on your computer. If one account, then login will be one.
In Windows 7 you need to click on the triangle next to the command "Reboot". In the opened window, in the top row, click "switch user". Just like you can learn, under what name is your personal computer and how many user accounts are created.