The replacement of the body is carried out on the basis of statements of the car owners in the traffic police authorities where the vehicle is registered, stating the nature of the changes in the design of the car. It is necessary that this car did not have any prohibitions and restrictions, both technical and legal.
In the case of a positive decision, the traffic police indicate, in some cases, made the issue of the certificate, and if necessary, receive technical advice, listing the organizations having the permission to do so. If such a conclusion is made, it shall contain: description of the work, recommendations on the choice of production base and of which a motorist can make their own. If required by the increasing complexity and volume of work, the conclusion needs to be applied and related technical documentation. However, if the car after the changes to the certification vehicles of the same brand of the same manufacturer, that conclusion is not required.
Contact a specialized organization, having the right to carry out works on replacement of the body. After completing these works its representatives shall provide the owner a Declaration about performed works.
Provide the vehicle for technical inspection on SGTO traffic or PTO, the results of which issued a scan card which is then issued to the car owner.
To obtain this certificate, submit to the division of the police vehicle and the documents approved by the traffic police to carry out identification of the vehicle. After reviewing these documents, the traffic police authorities draw up, register, and issue the car owner a certificate or deny him that.