If you need to exit the game, try Alt and F4. And to roll the game in a window, press Alt and Tab.
Another good way to minimize the game pressing the Windows key (the button with the icon "window") + Latin D.
To minimize a window or all Windows, try a combination of Windows+Shift+M. This method is convenient because you can quickly minimize all Windows if you are in the office, for example. And to maximize all the active window, just press the Windows key+M.
Another way to exit the game consists of 3 keys: Ctrl_Alt_Delete. On the screen a window will appear, you choose a game from the list and click "end task".
It happens that the game does not want to curl, if it is in fullscreen mode. In this case, before starting the game, you need to go to game settings and choose windowed mode, if there is one. In windowed the game, you can safely use hot keys, which we talked about in this article. If the game is windowed and you want to exit full-screen mode, you can try F10 or F11.