You will need
  • - automotive color film;
  • paint and putty or services of the specialized firm;
  • documents: vehicle registration certificate, the passport, the certificate on statement on the account.
Consider the way you change the color of your car. If you want to quickly and inexpensively change the color of the car for a while, and then remove the film, then glue it with a special film. The color of the film will not be a main color of the car even at 100% coverage, so don't worry about changing documents - anything to make it official not necessary.
If you chose the car paint, first consider the design. Note that if repainting will remain more than 60% of native colors, the renewal of documents is also not necessary.
Cheap car for trips outside the city, try painting yourself. To do this, wash the car, inspect all defective places, strip them to the metal, cover with putty. After the surface is dry, scrape and sand those places that stopper. Seal all places that cannot be painted, masking tape, and paint the car with special paint.
If you are ready to spend a week of his time to the painting of the car, order this service in a specialized company. Tailor-make design, if you want originality.
Remember that the color of the car in the colors approved by GOST for machines special purpose prohibited by law; for example, don't paint your car under the "firefighters" or "fast".
By law you are given to prepare all the documents and 5 days, so 5 days should be put in order all the papers.
Contact REO traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle (not the owner). Bring your passport, passport vehicle (TCP) and the certificate of registration of the vehicle.
Contact in the box, the paperwork, complete the application (same as on application or removal from the register) and specify the reason: change color.
Go to the site, to the traffic police did a vehicle inspection and checked the rooms. Pay all necessary receipts on the production of forms and get a new certificate of vehicle registration and title. Carefully check the correctness of filling of all documents.
Change a certificate of insurance, as the number of PTS. This should be done for free by your insurance firm.