You will need
  • passport or other document that will verify your identity, a contract of sale or bill of sale, which confirm your ownership of the insurance policy,the title or registration document, power of attorney to effect a registration
To prepare the necessary registration documents. Please note that the insurance policy field for rooms to be empty. Power of attorney to effect a registration will be required in the case if you act on behalf of another person.
Carefully check the documents which prove your right of ownership, the slightest mistake or inaccuracy will lead to the fact that they will have to register again. Compare the data on the vehicle with the actual. View fully written names, names and patronymics of all persons.
Submit the documents to the registration Department of traffic police at the place of residence, where write the statement for statement on accounting of a car. Before putting his signature under the document, double-check the correctness of the data. Pay taxes at the nearest branch of the Bank. If you have the right to privilege or exempt from payment, we will present the relevant documents.
Present your car for inspection. The inspector will carefully check the compliance of serial numbers to documents. If it turns out that they changed, tampered with or cannot be read, the vehicle will delay to ascertain the causes.
After the paperwork, payment of duties and carrying out inspection you will be issued license plates. It will happen on the same day if your application does not require additional verification. In the event of any doubt the police will give you copies of received documents and a certificate stating that they accepted. Then wait for the check and receipt numbers.
How to obtain <strong>rooms</strong> new <b>vehicle</b>