Finding missing title, contact the Department of traffic police, which was put on record the car. If it so happened that the car still is not on the account, and the passport has been lost, you need to apply at the last place of registration. Please bring your passport, insurance policy, registration certificate of transport means. Please note: student ID, passport, driving license and other documents in this case cannot be a substitute for a passport.
Pay the state fee for the issuance of the title and bring the receipt confirming the payment. This document also must show the Department of the traffic police to restore the passport of a transport means. If you drive a car on General power of attorney, among other things, will have to produce more and power of attorney.
Write a statement on the form "Please issue the duplicate title to replace the lost". Then on a blank sheet of A4 or letterhead write your reports to the head of Department of traffic police with a detailed description of the circumstances under which it was lost or stolen the passport of a transport means. Turn in applications and explanatory notes, together with other documents.
Present your car for inspection. Please make sure that the public rooms were clean and clearly visible. If the room is dirty – wash them. The police inspect your car, match it against the state rooms. If everything is in order, your application will take some time to issue you a new passport of a transport means. The term of issue varies on average from 3 hours to 3 weeks.
In that case, if the traffic police refused to issue you a new title, write to higher authority a statement showing the unlawful actions. Make sure that your application has been accepted, and wait for the decision.