Recycling is very often subjected to machine former owners, so you need to find and contact the person who entered in the TCP. After that you have to somehow persuade the former owner, often for an additional fee, restore a car in the traffic police. This is the previous owner can do independently, without your presence and signing in the notary's office a power of attorney for the restoration of the car in your name. The second option is certainly the best option because all of the procedures you will perform yourself and you'll be sure in the result. In addition, it is useful to notarize the fact of purchasing a car in the name of the new owner.
Next to remove the machine from the disposal will need the passport and the statement in which the owner of the car in a free form refers to the head of the part of traffic police, where this machine was removed from the register for disposal. The statement must specify the brand and number of the car, engine, body, year, attached is available at the car documents, such as title, number, a power of attorney on the car.
Bring this car to the traffic police Department for inspection. It is to bring a tow truck - because on all documents, even if the vehicle and the vehicle is written off and can not move independently around the city. After that will have to wait a certain time required for registration in the traffic police of new documents on the car. Once a car is restored, it will be given a new title, already decorated on the current owner of the car.
The previous owner of the car need to properly execute the contract on the sale of the vehicle, after which the new becomes the full owner of the car and will be listed for this machine in all bases inspection road safety.