You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • - license plates;
  • - power of attorney (if necessary);
  • - document inspection (if necessary);
  • - receipt of duty payment (if required).
Going to MREO of traffic police, first take your passport. If you have a driver's license - it is to take a. Automotive passport is also needed. For complete and prepare the certificate of registration car and its license plates. If you can not provide, write a statement.
If the owner of the car - not you, take care of power of attorney. It should report that the owner of the car sends you right to all of his interests in the traffic police. The attorney will make all the rules. This can help a notary.
In order to keep the number plate the car needs to be brought to the traffic police. There the inspector will check numbers need units. If the vehicle is no longer able to move, call the inspector "on the house". After verification he will hand you a document inspection.
For released number units pay legal costs. It is only 200 rubles. The receipt you give, together with all other documents. And you will be given a certificate for the released Assembly.
For legal entities list of documents broadening out a bit. If you plan on disposing of the car company, selected a Trustee. The employee comes to the police with your passport, title, registration certificate of the vehicle. A power of attorney from the company on the disposal of the vehicle is required.
Yet the Trustee is required scrapping record of fixed assets in duplicate. You must show a garage card, otherwise the confirmed code of the fleet. The final document for the disposal of a car extract from the unified state register of legal entities. It must be made no later than six months.
If not in the presence of the passport of the vehicle or license plates, or registration certificate, a statement to the traffic police to escape. Required the Trustee to show the act of the official investigation. Its content should include the causes of loss listed above.
After the documents you will be given a certificate. She gives permission for the disposal of your car. With it you can easily contact any company for this task. But don't forget to pay the transport tax for the period of time when you were the owner of the car.