The most common are the following signals:

Machine with vertically standing image of a wrench indicates a malfunction in the engine electronics or transmission. The true reason for call in service. But without a full diagnosis of the car, this does not resolve the problem. The same indicator, but with an exclamation mark instead of a wrench appears on the hybrid panels hybrid vehicles and warns about damage to the actuator. A "reboot" of the car's systems by reduction of the terminals from the battery will not help, only diagnostics.

The indicator "slippery road" appears when the system detects the areas with slippery surface. It activates and helps the driver. But if next to that icon lights up key, or the triangle - is to test the stabilization system of the car.

Yellow wrench - this indicator informs about the necessity to carry out maintenance. After the message is discarded.

Appearance on panel yellow helm speaks of the necessity of adaptation. But if the wheel is "flushed", it is likely defective. To confirm the hunch about the failure of the steering wheel can difficult for them to turn. This joke is not worth it, need urgent repair.

The washer icon is also lit in several cases: if there are not enough washer fluid in the tank, a clogged sensor or inappropriate normal part of the washer. If the quality and quantity of the liquid no doubt, you should clean the contacts of the level sensor.

The letters ASR - signal is faulty traction control system. Different brands look different: letters, a yellow triangle with an arrow or moving the machine.

Rapid decline of the power of the motor can be accompanied by the appearance on the icon bar of the catalyst. It is a signal that the catalytic element has overheated. If the icon was added to the high consumption of fuel, so the catalyst has failed.

Badge engine or as it is differently called, the icon of the injector lights up when engine fault. To identify the true cause of the appearance of this icon will help computer diagnostics.