You will need
  • General power of attorney or document of sale;
  • - certificate of registration of m/s;
  • - PTS;
  • - the insurance coverage.
If you are going to register the carwhere you are driving on General power of attorney for yourself, remove the vehicle from the register at the place of its registration. Please contact the traffic police Department in your area (place of residence or registration) and put the car on a new registration. For this you will need transit plates, the title, power of attorney for the right of driving, certified by a notary, passport, insurance, insurance, receipt for payment of state duty. If you remove and put the car on account of you will be in the same traffic police Department, this can be done in one day, telling the inspector about this option.
If you want to sell a car that you own on General power of attorney, the new owner, you still have to remove the car from the register, to put on a new account, and again to remove already for sale. You can do it the easy way and ask the owner of the car to make the document of sale. On it or an old master, or are you a car from the register removed. But then its already on the account do not need to put. You can make a contract of purchase and sale from the new owner. The only disadvantage of this method is to ride on such a machine you will be able 5 days. And then either put it on the record, or to seek a buyer.
If the car you got by inheritance, wait for the entry into the inheritance. Will receive from the notary a new certificate of ownership. With him please contact the police Department where the car is registered. You will again have the car off the register, remove and put in the place of residence. Close relatives to save on contracts and invoices can car give, in such cases, the donation is not taxed. You need to pay the notary. Of course, this is only useful for expensive cars, not to point out the value in the certificate account.