Currently, there are two ways to legally reduce the power of the engine in PTS – change of data in connection with the mistake made by registration authorities, and replace the engine.
If you find that the registration authority made a title error, and the power of the engine of your car documents are clearly too high, contact the official representative of the brand in the Russian Federation. For vehicles produced after 1981, you can get help on updating data in accordance with the identification number of your car. However, it should be noted that there are cases when offices have issued certificates in which data about the car is also not true. If this happens, it is in this direction to do something impossible.
Getting "proper" help, call the DMV and ask on the basis of refiners to make changes to the TCP. In case of refusal, ask for a referral to technical expertise. Go through her.
Having on hands the conclusion of technical examination, refer back to the DMV, where you will make changes in the TCP. If the first, the above variant of something failed, try the second – the replacement of "native" engine is less powerful.
Purchase a suitable engine. In the store you should obtain the contract of sale and the certificate of the manufacturer. The replacement produce in a specialized service station. After work do not forget to purchase order and certificate of service.
Having all of these documents, contact the DMV with a request to amend the title. Most likely, you will be referred for examination and for a certificate, for amendments to the design of the car. After passing the examination and obtaining the relevant document, back ired. In the TCP will be amended accordingly.