Use kiss

Oddly enough, but while kissing people bring to each other not only pleasure, but also of great benefit. Kissing improves blood circulation and metabolism. They will use many facial muscles, so there is a gymnastics person.

One minute of passionate kissing can burn up to twelve calories. Scientists have proven that if you kiss every day is just three minutes long, it is possible to lose three pounds. And this is all without exercise and exhausting diets.

Love kiss

Kiss is a great way to Express love. But, unfortunately, not everyone kisses only for love.

If your partner kisses you very passionately, while he holds you to him and does not want to break away from your lips, it means he's really in love. Sometimes a kiss can mean overwhelming sexual desire. To make sure of his feelings, just pay attention to how he usually behaves with you. If, in addition to the searing kisses he gives you attention, wants to spend with you all free time and make you something nice, be sure he feels you love.

Love kiss may not be just passionate. It can be neat and tremulous, like the touch of butterfly wings. If your partner is shy and quickly kisses you, and his cheeks instantly blush emerges, he is not only love, but also a little shy.

Kiss furtively, suddenly and without any permission, also speaks about love. Most likely, it's the kiss of a man who for a long time hiding your feelings and desires. This lips is remembered for a lifetime.

Other kisses

If your partner kisses you on too strongly, he probably considers you his property. So one must be careful not to fall under its influence.

Neck kissing mean that your partner wants to possess you sexually. This is because the neck is an erogenous zone for men and women.

If he's a bit of nibbling on your lips, so once you give him a reason to be jealous. A kiss on the nose says about sympathy and not about love. Man, thus, wants to say that he likes you.

Give each other loving kisses as often as possible, then your relationship will never lose its flavor and will not become a habit.