Once you have decided on the choice of future profession, feel free to go to take the entrance exams to medical school. In order to officially become a beautician favourite, enough medical education in any specialty. If you are a committed person and you always want more, it is recommended to finish medical school, and after that to go to residency in dermatology.
Then, when you get a medical education, to acquire specialized knowledge find a good beautician course. When choosing courses, please pay special attention to the training program. It should include more practical training and less theory. Be sure to review the list of occupations.
Good cosmetology courses include anatomy and physiology of the skin, proper care of different skin types, its types, massages. In addition, practical sessions should be studied cosmetology, peeling, anti-cellulite programs and more, what skills should an aspiring beautician.
After completing the course and having on hand diploma of the medical worker, you can start looking for jobs. However, you should be prepared for the fact that a job that has a great demand and huge competition, not receive you with open arms. It will be difficult. But, showing himself as a master of his craft, you will definitely become a successful cosmetologist.
Having the necessary experience in beauty salons, you will be able to choose to work for someone or open your own beauty salon/Studio, because to earn big money in this field you will only be able to independent flight. And the beauty today is a very profitable business that brings in large revenues.