Before going on to higher education, you need to decide what higher education institution you should: state or commercial. Of course, it is better to give preference to state. If prior to admission to the University you do not have time to get a job, remember that at employment the employer is more inclined to state diploma than the diploma issued by any private educational institution. However, it should be remembered that some commercial universities are in the process of accreditation and begin to give his graduates diplomas of the state sample.
If you already have a diploma from a College, higher education corresponding the specialty will be in an accelerated program. Take the example of the Tomsk agricultural College. Its graduates, legally qualified, may be admitted at the third course of the same specialty of some other higher educational institutions of the city of Tomsk.
In addition to continuing training in the specialty already received, you can completely change the direction. The choice is yours. You can choose how you want to build your educational process.
After finishing it, you can not only continue education and get the diploma of the state higher educational institutions, but also to get a job relevant to your specialty. Thus, you have accumulated experience in the enterprise. However, to combine full-time training with work is very difficult, so it is best to give preference to the distance learning program.