You will need
  • - high school diploma – original and two copies;
  • - passport – original and two three copies;
  • - results of unified state examination in biology, chemistry, physics – the original and two copies;
  • - medical certificate;
  • photography.
Start preparing for admission to medical University at least 1-2 years before the admission. Pre-consult with parents and choose a school where you would like to learn. Refer to selecting such criteria as the availability of sufficient infrastructure, practical and educational base. Find out the necessary information on the admission and entrance exams.
If you have good will-power, sufficient perseverance and high level of organization, even as a student of the normal school, to prepare for entrance exams on their own. But if during the preparation you will need a qualified tutor, find him among the teachers of the medical school to which you want to do.
If possible, in high school periodates in school or Lyceum with a medical slant. In such educational institutions is provided to you the maximum preparation for admission. For many high school students good help in preparing for entrance examinations are preparatory courses at the selected University.
Strenuously engaged in the subjects that you will pass the entrance exams, as a rule, chemistry, biology and Russian. In some universities it seems to advanced physics and mathematics.
In the preparatory period don't miss the opportunity to participate in various competitions, which cover health topics, or present for medical interest. This can be an additional bonus for admission to the Institute.
Hand over the required documents to the admissions office and take the entrance test. Upon successful completion you can call yourself a medical student. But most importantly is learning, during which you will also need to demonstrate their perseverance, patience and dedication and desire to master the profession of a doctor.