You will need
  • - a diploma of secondary medical education;
  • - money to pay tuition.
Decide what field of medicine you want to work. For example, in order to be a paramedic in the ambulance crew, requires a special certificate, which may differ from General therapeutic.
Choose a school where you will pass the training program. Typically, these centers are placed on the basis of the medical schools, which are in every major city in the country and in some small towns. Training programs in them are standardized, so the easiest way to choose a place of study on a territorial basis.
Find a training program that is appropriate for your level of education and specialty. For example, if you have a degree nurse, you can enroll in a training course for up to ten months. Those who have received secondary medical education in the field of dentistry, you will need a longer training - within three years.
Collect the documents for admission. You'll have to present your diploma of medical education. You do not need to pass the exam - this exam is only accepted for admission in full, not abbreviated training program.
Apply for admission to the course. The admission to such programs is carried out after passing the exam on the knowledge of the organizational aspects of health care. Questions on this subject are published on the websites of medical schools. Example of assignments of the tickets can be found, for example. on the site of the Novosibirsk medical College
Successfully complete the refresher course. At the end of training pass the qualifying exam. It will allow you to obtain a diploma of education and certificate of medical assistant, you will be able to get a job in the specialty.