Advice 1: How to obtain a certificate of paramedic

To work as a medical assistant under the Russian legislation it is necessary to have not only the diploma about the average vocational education, but the certificateconfirming the qualification of specialist in a certain field. This document can be obtained in medical school courses.
How to obtain a certificate of paramedic
You will need
  • - a diploma of secondary medical education;
  • - money to pay tuition.
Decide what field of medicine you want to work. For example, in order to be a paramedic in the ambulance crew, requires a special certificate, which may differ from General therapeutic.
Choose a school where you will pass the training program. Typically, these centers are placed on the basis of the medical schools, which are in every major city in the country and in some small towns. Training programs in them are standardized, so the easiest way to choose a place of study on a territorial basis.
Find a training program that is appropriate for your level of education and specialty. For example, if you have a degree nurse, you can enroll in a training course for up to ten months. Those who have received secondary medical education in the field of dentistry, you will need a longer training - within three years.
Collect the documents for admission. You'll have to present your diploma of medical education. You do not need to pass the exam - this exam is only accepted for admission in full, not abbreviated training program.
Apply for admission to the course. The admission to such programs is carried out after passing the exam on the knowledge of the organizational aspects of health care. Questions on this subject are published on the websites of medical schools. Example of assignments of the tickets can be found, for example. on the site of the Novosibirsk medical College
Successfully complete the refresher course. At the end of training pass the qualifying exam. It will allow you to obtain a diploma of education and certificate of medical assistant, you will be able to get a job in the specialty.

Advice 2 : How to get a medical certificate

In the modern world in order to be able to engage in any activity, you need to have a certificate specialist. To graduate from the medical institution and obtain a diploma is not enough in order to engage in professional activities, must undergo a mandatory certification process. That is , the certificate would be evidence matching your knowledge and skills.
How to get a medical certificate
Remember that any medical certificate of a specialist is valid for five years, after which you must re-confirm the right to work in this specialty. Each medical Academy organized certification cycles, the nature of the improvement for professionals working at least one year. The duration of the course on thematic improvement must be not less than 144 hours.
Write a statement addressed to the head physician with the request to allow you to pass the course. Remember that the staffing of the certification cycles correlated with the need of healthcare institutions in the training of employees. If you are in need of primary specialization, be aware that the Department of health and your health care facility can contract with the faculty about training you as a professional.
Grant to the Academy the relevant documents. Please note that the certification Commission of the medical institution is obliged to consider the application and other your documentation within 1 month. At the time of submission of documents to check the requirements of the certification fee and the nature of the certification cycle. Then identify topics for self-study (they should be about 1/3 of the curriculum), coordinate this with the curator of the cycle.
Upon completion of training, be ready to endure the certification exam, after successful completion of which you are entitled to expect to receive the required certificate. Without examination a certificates expert issued only to doctors on the basis of submitted documents.

Advice 3 : How to obtain secondary medical education

It is believed that the most rigorous selection for admission takes place in medical schools, so many school leavers prefer to get education and training first in secondary special medical institutions.
How to obtain secondary medical education
You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - photographs;
  • - certificate of passage of examination;
  • the results of the exam.
If you purposefully want to become a future ambulance nurse, nurse, midwife or dental technician, you'll need a good knowledge in biology and chemistry. In College you will find a large number of subjects of natural-scientific profile. In the process of learning time to eliminate the gaps in knowledge in these disciplines will not be enough, so make sure in advance. In some medical schools and colleges in entrance exams you need to pass an essay in literature or the dictation in Russian language. If you feel insecure in these disciplines, engage them more intensively.
For admission in the medical College in many cities of Russia have already created a database of training courses, where classes are held with intensive study of biology and chemistry. And upon successful completion of these courses entrance examination may pass and not have. Use this information when preparing to enroll in a school or College.
Choose the specialty where would you like to study in College. Unlike medical schools, where specialization begins at the undergraduate, secondary special medical educational institutions, you will need to choose your field of work in advance. It can be obstetrics, Pediatrics, dentistry, ambulances, etc.
Hand over the documents to the selected branch of the medical institution. If necessary, give additional examinations.
Studying in medical school will help to prepare you for further study at a higher education institution. You will have experience of internship in medical facilities. The College is not a quick process, you'll need 3-4 years to obtain the diploma of medical specialist middle managers. And during this time you can understand where and who would you like to work, whether you need to study further to become a doctor.

Advice 4 : What are the duties of a paramedic

The paramedic is an important and responsible profession, which often depends on the health and life of man. Specialist provides first emergency care and establishes the initial diagnosis. The profession of a paramedic's duties close to the medical profession.
What are the duties of a paramedic

Care to patients

The main duty of a specialist – emergency care to sick and injured people. If necessary, the paramedic is obliged to impose a transport bus, the necessary dressings, to produce resuscitation, for example cardiopulmonary resuscitation or a tracheotomy. The duties of the employee of this profession is also included bleeding control in accordance with the rules and applicable standards.
The paramedic has secondary medical education that can be obtained in specialized colleges, and in universities and academies of the corresponding profile.

In some sparsely populated areas (e.g. the villages) the nurse actually performs the function of a doctor. Specialist makes the diagnosis and prescribes treatment, surveillance and care of patients, performs patient examination at home, takes emergency calls and participates in the organization of various medical preventive measures.


The paramedic must be able to perform the diagnostic procedure for precise staging of the subsequent diagnosis. Thus, the specialist should be able to remove the electrocardiogram, type the desired medication and the use of portable medical devices. If necessary, transportation of the patient the paramedic must stay near the patient to monitor the condition and, if necessary, to provide medical assistance.

A paramedic must know human anatomy, to have some information about the pathological processes in the body, to be informed about the methods of service in the period of examination and familiar with the basic rules of maintaining medical records.

Inspection and accounting

If the patient is unconscious, the specialist must conduct an inspection of the clothing or premises for documents, values, money and other items for their delivery against receipt to the reception area and then identification.

If medical assistance in an emergency, for example, in the presence of damage caused by violent actions, the paramedic is required to report the incident to the police.
Specialist must know the location of nearest hospitals and stations for maintenance and admission of patients.

The list of responsibilities of a paramedic also includes the storing and accounting of drugs, check the status of used medical equipment and transport tires, and replenishment of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The duties of the specialist also informing the administration of the ambulance station about the occurrence of possible accidents and emergency situations in the course of duty. The paramedic leads the accounting and reporting documentation and records all actions performed.
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