As already mentioned, for admission to the courses of cosmetologist should have higher or at least secondary medical education. The difference will be that the expert with secondary education will be limited in their actions. This beautician will be able only to carry out some procedures such as: facial cleansing, peelings, masks. Professional cosmetologist with higher education are able to offer the customer a much wider range: various injection, hardware cosmetology, ozone therapy, massage and more.
Depending on your level of training courses can last from one month to three or four. By the way, a short period of time, as a rule, is designed for practicing cosmetologists who wish to raise their qualifications or to learn how to conduct new types of procedures.
However, for whom the occupation is destined, in any case, it starts with a theoretical unit. Future beautician needs to learn physiology, anatomy, structure of the muscles of the face and body, biochemistry of the skin. In addition, you have to learn the types of dermatological diseases, methods of diagnosis and treatment.
On practical training, after passing the theoretical course, you will be presented with various methods of care for face and body, different types of massage, methods of skin cleansing. For further work you will need to learn the hardware cosmetology, light therapy, electrolysis, oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage. This practice will allow you to feel confident when working with a client. It should be noted that at first students only practiced on mannequins, and then, with a bit of experience, they can work with volunteers. The fact that quite often the courses invited people as models. They can get any beauty service for free, just spending my time visiting these courses. And the students, in turn, can obtain invaluable experience.
By the end of training you will learn to create their own programs for each individual client. Courses cosmetologists you will also learn the psychology and ethics of communication with clients. This is a big plus for those who are just beginning to learn this profession.