The easiest path after College to continue studying at Institute or University. The only negative — the one who graduated from College is likely to take the first course. That is, to learn it will be all five. And even six years. Higher education institutions that accept College graduates immediately to join the third year is extremely small. Although in the past it was quite a common practice.
And after College you can go to work. Some employers are taking great pleasure for graduates of colleges, technical schools and vocational schools. Employers do not mind that College graduates have no work experience. According to them, all the gaps can be filled practical activities. According to statistics the easiest to get a job graduates of medical, economic and legal colleges. The rest is more complicated, but this does not mean that finding work is impossible.
It happens that the person who graduated from College, one specialty, understands that is not his soul to a previously chosen profession. That is why this College graduate is usually looking for high school that would fit his current interests. And continued his studies at already interested in his specialty. For example, graduated from the medical College, and continued education on the economic part.
Some graduates of prestigious colleges for some time remain in their school. For example, as laboratory assistants. This is done to make people more engaged in practical activities. And this, in turn, are then useful either at the Institute or at work.
Oh, and finally, the most unwelcome option for most College graduates male is in the army. But those who are not planning to enroll in a University, usually comes to serve in the armed forces, and after the service gets a job.