If you are studying in grades 8-10, try to transfer to academic high school at the University. There you will receive not only General education but special training on the core subjects: mathematics, physics, geography, biology, and chemistry. For the transition to school need to pass exams in core subjects and the Russian language.
Take part in the competition SPSU. It is held for pupils of graduation classes. First, you need to go through a qualifying stage before 31 January of the current year, and then the main, which ends March 31. Students living outside of Saint-Petersburg and the region, can be selected according to the results of the correspondence round. At the final stage they can come to St. Petersburg or the closest city, which is the exit stage of the Olympiad. To participate have the opportunity also inhabitants of Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to this competition, the University takes the results and other competitions, for example, the all-Russian Olympiad.
Act in school by results of unified state examination. To do this, go to the University website in the section for applicants and find out which exams you must pass for a successful admission. Get the maximum score. Then, after obtaining results and certificates exam apply for admission to the state University either in person by coming to the admissions office in St. Petersburg, or through the Internet site. Do not forget to attach to all documents the certificate of benefits if you have any. This can be, for example, certificate of disability. If you arrive at the Department of journalism, acting, painting or restoration, you'll need to pass additional profile examinations.
At the end of July or in early August, go to University and find out that you are having with your scores to the University. At sufficiently high marks to the University to send originals of your documents if not done so previously. If you are not in the main list, do not hurry to be upset - in the second wave of enrollment may be exempted desirable location. Sometimes the competition the entrant decides to leave to study elsewhere.