You will need
  • - the diploma about incomplete higher education;
  • or
  • - certificate of military education;
  • or
  • - diploma of bachelor or specialist
Safely submit documents in low places, if the first higher education you have the military. According to the law on free education in this case are the citizens who served under contract, retired or knows how complete (or incomplete) higher military education.
Will receive two diplomas about higher education. Give it at the end student two year program. It is believed that during this period he can obtain sufficient knowledge to work in your chosen profession.
Complete the specialist's degree (or bachelor's) and graduate school. To date, reform in the education system leads to the fact that specialist virtually eliminated. His place is a bachelor. However, this does not prevent to go to graduate school and to act in a magistracy on budgetary places. And that will bring into your piggy Bank one more higher education.
Act in a foreign University. To budget place in one of the "foreign" institutions of higher education is quite real, only it will be necessary to prove the admission Commission that you deserve. As the grant for education is given, alas, is not for everyone.