The first option for admission are vocational lyceums. In such institutions is lack of incoming students, so young people are taking back only by application and interview. As a result of learning you can purchase a variety of specialties that will be useful later in life. For example, cook, locksmith, painter, plasterer.
The next option for you will be the educational institution, after which you will receive higher education. These areas include the colleges or of the Academy. Having the certificate of high passing score, you can effortlessly apply without exams and to start training activities. Getting a proper education after high school in College, you can try your hand and submit documents to the University. If you are issued for distance learning and have a long work experience in the relevant field exams for you is not obligatory. For example, popular among students in St. Petersburg as well as engineering-economic University. Faculties for admission offered by the school, is very relevant. Admission to some faculties of the school doesn't require entrance exams. The University has a simple system of enrolment. Place on a budgetary basis of learning are distributed according to the rating system. When the set number of passing scores to be admitted to the commercial form of education. Preference is given to winners of the Olympic games and medalists. Economic education received at the University - the optimal ratio of the result obtained and applied to education efforts.
Currently, there are private educational institutions. At the end you can get a diploma. But the difference is that the learning in this system is based on payment, so when applying you will need to Deposit a certain amount of money, while examination is not mandatory. Subsequent training will be paid.