The choice of school will depend on how many classes high school graduated student and what school he attended. For example, if a student of the Lyceum or gymnasium bad ends 9 class, can not withstand heavy load and unable to cope with the program, it will ask you to select another school in grade 10 not enroll. In this case it is possible to transfer to an ordinary school, finish it and go to College. In the end, it is not necessary to go to school with profound studying of subjects, to after the 11th grade to take the exam.
After graduating from the 9th grade have a great opportunity to enroll in a number of professional educational institutions - technical schools, colleges, professional schools. Not all students aspire to higher education, and not everyone is and should be. Specialty workers today demand much more than an intellectual profession. The production needed turners, welders, electricians, labourers and builders. Doing such a job, you can earn no less than when working in the office. In addition, specialty workers make a real contribution to enterprise development and economic growth of the state. After College and the College has the opportunity to enroll in the same degree at University and study under the reduced program.
If a student completes 11th grade and has a bad certificate, he has several paths where to go after graduation. Even with a bad certificate it is possible to go to College. If the diploma the student has, then he's not failed the exams, passed them a positive evaluation. Competition in the University takes place only among the certificates of the exam, that is, no matter how many threes is in the certificate, it is important how many points the student scored for each exam. If the score is good, you can do even on a budget, in a certificate, no one will look. Interested in the average score certificate will only in very rare cases, such as when the exam scores from a few students the same and you need to choose the order they appear in the lists for admission.
If the exam scores are not so high that the estimates in the certificate it is not surprising that you select are not too popular specialties, which has allocated sufficient budget. Then the chance to go on a budget are greatly increased. In addition, you can apply and the paid Department in the University, usually to take even with not very high scores. However, you need to understand that the fact of admission to the University still does nothing. To receive a high school diploma will have to study that much harder than school. When receiving the certificate the student was not able to bring myself to properly attend lessons and complete assignments, it is worth considering whether he will master University programs and whether parents invest in a lot of money.
In that case, if you decide the money for paid education in high school, not to waste, the student can enroll in technical school or College. Study after 11 class lasts less than after 9. But without a professional diploma, such a student will not remain, and in College after College if desired, you can enter the abbreviated form of training.