To win the man-Scorpion you need to consistently. And to begin the conquest need not excite interest in his own person, which is suitable for the representatives of other zodiac signs, and collect the maximum amount of information about the object of sympathy.

Scorpions love yourself like

True Scorpions present in the character constant desire for the beautiful, emotional, romantic. Only the girl is able to understand the subtle spiritual experiences and aspirations of Scorpio, will be able to captivate him.

In other words, if your partner is male-Scorpio - get ready to merge with it together and be continuing, otherwise, get along you will not succeed. Therefore, it is believed that the Scorpion is the best party - house-proud skorpionsha, ready to share with him joy and sorrow. Hardly a wild lioness will want to bow before the power of Scorpio, and without that he it in his pack won't accept it.
In the family of man-the Scorpion it should be, otherwise the family will not last long, and Scorpio will be the initiator of the break.

Scorpions do not need to conquer, and inspire

This rule should be remembered by all women who wish to connect my life with a Scorpion. These men can't stand to be on the rights of the slave, and if he can see that his win, the strategy failed.

Proceed quietly to Scorpio does not suspect your intentions. And as the representatives of this zodiac sign tend to contemplation of beauty, to conquer his own beauty. Most importantly, that beauty was as natural as possible. Ie sports, dancing, get used to the almost invisible makeup and you will have the chance to become the wife of the Scorpion.
The Scorpions are quite serious, and if you manage to sink down into the soul to the Scorpio, you can be sure that soon he will lead you to the Registrar.

By the way, in order not to lose your lover, do not forget during the life of the joint constantly for a monitor. The slightest lapse in appearance in order to monitor the farm or the children - and the risk to remain without a spouse increases significantly. Moreover, the Scorpions, though quite serious in terms of the institution of the family, at least not easily parted with his family, leaving the wives alone with their own problems, carelessness, and excessive demands on the beloved man.