Men-Scorpions avoid vain women, and even they don't like empty fun, and they do not tolerate any manipulation. Based on this, do not try to impress the Scorpion with a number of their fans to make him jealous. So the behavior you Scorpion only alienate.
Women in male-Scorpio appreciates individuality, confidence and intelligence. So you likely will be able to fall in love with the man-Scorpion, if you would be interested in him as a person. External data man-Scorpion, of course, are not indifferent. But even a very beautiful woman will not be able to conquer a Scorpio man, if he's talking to her. The women's average looking, but very strong personality, has a good chance to interest the Scorpion.
Man in love-Scorpio quickly lose interest in submissive and passive women, looking at them adoring gaze. If you manage to establish a relationship with a male Scorpio, in any case not rastvoryayas in it. Have your own opinion and don't be afraid to defend it, often take the initiative, including in bed.
A male Scorpio in relationships does not tolerate betrayal and adultery. Scorpio expects its second half of loyalty and emotional support in difficult situations. So don't forget to lean on and to show in hard times dedication.
If a male Scorpio is in love, will he expect from the woman respect. For example, innocent teasing can bring freshness in your relationship, but outright mockery is very fast will spoil them. Resentment male-Scorpio remember for a very long time and tend to voice them list them on each fight. So please be patient and try not to hurt his feelings unnecessarily.