Advice 1: How love behaves Scorpio

Male-Scorpio secretive person and did not betray his feelings even if it will tear jealousy. This zodiac sign can deceive even the most skilled psychologist. To learn about his love a woman when he's busy. In a fit of passion Scorpio suddenly razotkrovennichalsya when she isn't expecting.
Calm Scorpion can talk about his love
A man of this zodiac sign is in love, if you are willing to do anything to have you notice him. He goes even on a guaranteed risk. If the soul of Scorpio love, it knows no fear and goes to the end to win the object of his passion. This man is for women ready to change. It can completely alter its lifestyle, style, even the manner to talk and behave in society. If a man feels that some of his faults or habits can prevent the development of relations with a girl, he will try to get rid of them. He is even willing to change jobs if he doesn't like his beloved and to change the circle of acquaintances. The male Scorpio in love, a woman ceases to notice its complexity. The guy's character becomes very soft and pliable.
If Scorpio is in love, he willing to spend money on a nice present for a woman. At this point he believes that he will be able to earn even, more importantly, to his beloved liked his gift. But do not be surprised if Scorpion suddenly began to blackmail you, he just sensed you were ready to fall into his arms. Now he will not release you from yourself.
Scorpio in love is ready to smile his girlfriend constantly, so he expressed his sincere sympathy for her. If she smiles in response, it will sure how she feels about him mutual feelings. And then his beloved woman can only envy, he is ready to make her happy.
If the Scorpion next to you becomes very calm, he is in love. This behavior is atypical for this zodiac sign, but it gives the man the most. Are you still unsure of his feelings? Look into his eyes if with all his mind they Shine, no doubt, he feels for you is not just friendship.
Only for a girlfriend Scorpio is ready to get a star from the sky. Even if the woman asks him in the middle of the night to buy something, he will find what he wants his beloved. For example, to his pregnant wife he is ready to get anything, even if all the shops in the area closed, and he was early in the morning to get up for work.
In love with Scorpio can be very tough if you suspect a woman of infidelity. He doesn't like even the innocent presence of other men around his beloved. If he knows that the girl cheated on him, the man immediately leave. He will suffer and suffer, but will not forgive a betrayal, it is a manifestation of his strong love.

Advice 2 : Scorpio man - what is it?

Male-Scorpio - personality difficult. His persistence and resilience to be envied, but his strength at times borders on cruelty and callousness. Scorpions differ in intelligence and insight.
Scorpio man - what is it?

What is a male Scorpion in everyday life

The man under the sign of Scorpio is a strong and powerful man with a powerful energy. It is virtually impossible to influence, all his life this man defending their right to independence. If he wants something to achieve, he will do it at any cost. He was not accustomed to reckon with the opinions of others, guided exclusively by their own interests. The surrounding people can see him as a cold egotist.

The intelligence of such men is high. He has no habits to adapt to people, preferring direct statements veiled. Your emotions man Scorpio carefully hides under the guise of indifference, but it does not mean emotional coldness. Close friends such men know what's inside it simmer serious passions. No matter how intellectual, nor was Scorpio, emotions are not less than the mind affect their decisions.

Because of this male-Scorpio greedy for revenge, although the case often does not reach. He holds a grudge. If life puts obstacles in front of him, he escalates even more and goes ahead. This property is not to despair helps him win always, no obstacle can withstand the onslaught of his aggressive energy. Targeted man-Scorpion is almost impossible to mislead.

Full of happiness the man Scorpion the necessary material wealth, which he can easily achieve his power. However, wealth corrupts individuals like it. Often in men, the Scorpions are developing bad habits: alcoholism, drug addiction. Pronounced eroticism of a man-Scorpion and love sexual experimentation pushes him to seek different partners.

Male-Scorpio communication

Male-Scorpio breathtaking insight, he is an excellent judge of character. To get to them and get them to open up male-Scorpio wears a mask funny and even gentle person. Very often, their eyes radiating the power of attraction. To others a male Scorpio may make excessive demands that sometimes borders on cruelty. Man-Scorpion is better to maintain good relations, because this is a dangerous enemy. The Scorpions sting is very painful.

Strangers can be difficult in dealing with a man-Scorpion, because his strength suppresses the weaker. Many people admire his persistence and fearlessness. There is this man and vulnerabilities, which he almost never shows to anybody. He needs praise and sympathy, though he tries to hide it.
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