You will need
  • sewing machine, fabric, accessories, crayons, scissors
To sew without a pattern, you home or beach dress tunic-style, original fancy dress. Take a piece of cotton or fabric is stretch and lay on the table. Measure the length of the product, put on fabric and cut. If the fabric width is 80 cm, you will need two cut equal to the length of the product, a four-foot fabric cut in half along the grain lines.
Fold the fabric, right sides inside and sew them along the side seams before reaching the upper 20-25 cm, it will be the sleeve. Sew shoulder seams, leaving in the middle of 15-18 cm armhole opening. Seams Ratatouille. On the front half cut of an arbitrary shape and turn over it. For this buy in the store ready codebase or take a break obtachku. Tunic can be worn with a belt or pristrochite on the reverse side, at the waist or under the bust, drawstring. The hole for the input cord take in the side seams or the front. The bottom of the dress fold at 2-3 cm and pull up the hem.
To sew a fancy dress from scarves. Measure your chest, hips and the width of the back. Take two large silk scarf – one scarf fold in half, put it from the bend poluobhvat chest and poluobhvat hips plus 6-7 cm on the freedom of fit and slide through a vertical line. The second handkerchief set aside ½ of the width of the back and hips poluobhvat plus 4 cm and connect the dots vertical. Fold handkerchiefs wrong side inside, align the vertical lines, how their pins and lay it on the line on the front side, leaving the armhole. Remove the product inside out and sew at the shoulder seams, leaving not sewn armhole of the neck in the shape of boats.