Mental compatibility

A female Gemini is very smart. She knows how to tame the irrepressible Scorpion. This woman appreciates the power, insight and energy to her husband and does not hide his love and respect for him. Man, coming home, happy to share with his wife by his victories and successes.
Many of his achievements obliged Scorpio woman-Gemini. He seeks to provide his wife a better life.

From the people think that this pair is headed Scorpio, and the woman obeys him. But the relationship between these two partners more difficult. A man accustomed to command and to give orders periodically and the house is trying to lead the woman. It also easily refers to such behavior. It costs nothing in case of inconvenience just to get away for a bit from home to relax from a Scorpion.

The man also realizes that if he will go too far, my love just want to move away from him. That is why Scorpio tries to behave with the Twins carefully. Moreover, the man is trying to influence favorite not by power, but by his actions. He is ready to become women for the best that she was proud of her choice.
Gemini may not just be a reliable husband back, but also a business partner.

Complexity in Union

A serious drawback in that a pair of possible sexual incompatibility. Scorpio passionate in bed and stretches to the same women. But the Twins can't boast irrepressible behavior in the marital bedroom. Therefore, women should focus on flirting, mystery, seductive underwear, the words of love.

Woman-Gemini refers to the relationship easily, so can not Express their emotions towards the beloved. It really offends Scorpion, he struggles to discover her sensual nature. To get his wife to the emotions, a man may even deliberately provoke a scandal, after which will endeavour to violent reconciliation in bed. But the Scorpion should be afraid of such games with the feelings of the Twins. Wanting to take the wife of the man after two or three scandals may just stay single. This lady will not tolerate such treatment, she appreciates the peace of mind.

To avoid such situations, a woman should show Scorpio that she strongly loves him and do whatever it takes to strengthen the relationship. And the fact that she is so emotional is normal, so is her character. Change partners own temperament can not, they need often to compromise, then the Union will be very strong.