Scorpio will win your heart, but you don't know how to behave to attract this guy's attention? When communicating with them always behave culturally. This man does not love, when a woman is vulgar and forget about rules of decency. But please keep in mind that if you build yourself a woman with too impeccable manners, he may suspect that you make especially for its attraction. Scorpions can feel the insincerity of people, they are very good psychologists. If a man decides that you always behave culturally, consider that first step on the way to his heart you have overcome.
If you have a relationship with Scorpio, but you're still not convinced that he is in you deeply in love, will follow his sense of right action. This man loves to woman fed him moderately spicy food, traveled with him, and possibly climbing mountains. Therefore, to finally win the heart of Scorpio, get ready to be tireless in everyday life and passionate in bed. That is the woman looking for the man for joint life.
The appearance of the ladies is very important to Scorpio. He likes stylish women who know how to present itself in all its glory. But it is also necessary to keep a sense of proportion. You should not look brighter than the elect, he likes at least a little bit to outdo his companion. This applies not only appearance, but also the role in the relationship.
If you want the Scorpion was only thinking about you and was wondering you like it or not, become a mystery woman. This sign loves secrets, and when she begins to intrigue him, man has great passion towards her. Scorpio like a surge of emotion and adrenaline.
You guessed it, that man is in love with you? Don't tell this guy, Scorpio tries to hide his feelings. If he finds out that you revealed his secret, can be frightened and move away from you to regain their positions.
To push it can you a regular submission. Male–Scorpio loves the spirit of competition, he brings to the relationship. To keep the choice about yourself, you have to create a situation of controversy, struggle. This behavior wakes up inside of your beloved more and more passion. So, if you have a Scorpio is not boring, he will never abandon such a relationship. An exception may be only the appearance on the horizon, more hot girls than you, which will be able to keep him in a state of tension.