Male Scorpios are very demanding intellectually and my friends, and as a life partner they definitely want to see erudite person. So if you want to appeal to Scorpio, and then keep him beside you, enrich your vocabulary, read more, refrain from using slang and learn how to write TEXT messages to your man without error.
Scorpions are not attracted to people with low self-esteem. Of course, they will not be like the students-the bullies, their bullying, but do not wish to have Affairs with them. The woman beside Scorpion, have to love yourself and not look at the man from top to bottom.
Men-Scorpions, as a rule, a lot of work and takes a high position in society. They value their position, try to execute the conscience and know that they are good professionals. However, even cocky Scorpio happen bouts of depression and disbelief. And the girl, at this moment it support the man, to return him to faith in their own strength and pull from the depths of despair. Scorpio subsequently, she will be very grateful for that.
Scorpions are very impulsive. Sometimes in the heat of the argument they can be intolerant, afford incorrect statements that can offend the interlocutor, and then to regret. The perfect mate of the Scorpion must be able to maintain in such situations, sober mind and the time to reason with your partner.
As a rule, Scorpios are great lovers. They adore women. The outfit in which you are going to go out on a date can be quite outspoken – a man of this zodiac sign will enjoy the cleavage and fishnets. Scorpions are not attracted to the image of his wife-mother who will take care of it and nurture. Passionate and sensual girl that loves sex just as he is what he wants to see in bed.