For this DIY you will need a piece of wood for bracelet (or boring you with a wide plastic or metal bracelet, and will fit convex as pictured or flat), bright, satin ribbon (better if the width of the tape is more than 1-1.5 cm), patterned ribbons, glue, thread color.

Work process:

1. Cover the bracelet with glue and wrap a satin ribbon. Please note that the rows of ribbons were laid as evenly as possible, with a small overlap. The tip of the ribbon, tuck inside and also glue.

2. Hidden stitches sew a strip of ribbon over the tape on the bracelet. The edge of the braid will also have to tuck and pin concealed stitches.

делаем браслет своими руками из ленты и тесьмы - за 5 минут!

The bracelet is ready! With this jewelry every summer outfit will be brighter, neordinarnye.

Useful tip: if you can't find the tapes or you didn't like it, use for decoration bracelet beads, beads, sequins. After the bracelet is fastened with a satin ribbon, just sew sequins or beads in a row or arrange them into any pattern.

By the way, the satin ribbon can be replaced with a fabric (satin, chintz, satin, etc.). In this case, I suggest to cut out a fabric strip of a width not less than 2.5 times the width of the bracelet. Mount the fabric on the glue and don't forget to pull the edge of the fabric with the reverse side of the bracelet invisible stitches with tucked a little slice.