Before you get in bed with Cancer, his need to seduce. To do this, become enigmatic and mysterious to him. Looked at him, being with him at a party, smile, catch the eye and bring it embarrassment when you meet him in the eyes.
If you have the opportunity to meet with the Cancer in any body of water, whether fountain in the Park or the pool, then spend the date with Cancer here. Water acts on men of this astrological sign tourmanium. Near the sound of water, they become romantic.
Try to distract this man from friends, take it out of the circle of acquaintances, so they would not distract him from your personality, because Cancers in society are more interesting for our friends. We want Cancer, asking him questions about himself, his feelings. Drink with him a glass of alcoholic cocktail that relaxes well the men of this sign.
Since Cancer likes to take the initiative in matters of love, let him do it. If you take a love attack in your hands, only scare of the Cancer and it will slip out of your arms.
Crabs love compliments, notice if their intelligence, looks, merit. Be generous with flattering words towards men this water sign of the Zodiac. Buy Cancer as a gift a ticket for a musical party, concert and modern band or singer, as he is very musical and will appreciate this sign of attention to him.
Only Cancers even after the first date do not scare your invitation to come to your house to meet my parents. Cancer, lover of family traditions and values, invite him to her house and entrance on familiar territory.
Due to the controversial nature of men is Cancer, you will not ever sure where to begin, and what the outcome of the meeting with him. Because have money to get home, if you quarrel on a date. And be prepared for any unusual situations, which he serves in an intimate relationship.