You will need
  • She needs a strong, confident, courageous partner, make sure you have all the qualities of reliability, generosity. And he must be loyal and faithful, to be a sincere man. Cowardly and weak men female Scorpio just despises. Only superhero and the knight is able to win her heart and win her affection.
But there is much still to know that this woman chooses she needs a man. So that you should consider if you want to win her over. She has a wonderful intuition that helps her to recognize the man in front of her. For this it is enough one glance at the man. Female Scorpio in love is hardly passive, quite the contrary – she is passionate.
But her pride still exorbitant, and it is preferable that the initiative came from the men. Even being active in the relationship, she is able to make that a man will feel the initiator in the relationship. She has always sets the tone for your relationship, but to win we'll still have you.
Female-Scorpio is a very jealous nature and so, paying attention to other women, be careful: your fiancee-Scorpio are jealous and very suspicious, she's not cheating forgive. Even your harmless flirtation with someone can cause it a storm of emotions and the strongest offense.