You will need
  • Baby soap without additives or fragrance – 100g
  • Olive oil – 20 g
  • Grapeseed oil – 20 g (you can substitute olive oil)
  • Chopped herbs: chamomile, eucalyptus leaves, fir needles, ginger root – 1 tsp.
  • Green tea – 100 ml
  • Essential oils of eucalyptus and fir – 3 drops
All the chopped herbs in a bowl pour boiling water (50 ml), cover and leave to infuse.
A piece of children's soap to grate. Pour ground 3-4 tablespoons of green tea.
Prepare a water bath and warming it is a mixture of soap and tea. You need to melt the mass, stirring constantly, while gradually adding the remaining green tea.
To heat the mass in a water bath should be until, until it becomes the consistency of sour cream.
Then to the mixture add oil – olive and grapeseed (or just olive) and mix well.
Continuing to stir, add the infusion of herbs. The course is not only liquid, but also chopped herbs.
Thereafter, the mixture should be mixed again, a little cool and add essential oil. Beldy the consistency should be like softened butter.
Now a lot can shift in a jar and close the lid. Beldy, hand made ready. Store must the fridge.