The male Scorpion is very sensitive to the details, the little things, intonation. Talking to you, he studies you be careful during a conversation with him. The representatives of this zodiac sign prefer solitary walks in squares, parks, narrow streets, in which can be a long and leisurely chat. Choose interesting topics, ask questions if you don't know something, don't argue, listen to him with gusto.
Guys the Scorpions are notable for excessive love of self. Let him know that you are willing to care about him, and share his preferences, while not allowing him to push around. Don't talk about his shortcomings, admire them.
Be a person Scorpios are drawn to people like him: show him his uniqueness, uniqueness. To get him interested in something different from others. Think about what's unique about you, emphasize it when dealing with him.
Be kind to him, gentle, do not grumble, the attitude is condescending to his frequent mood swings. Let him make plans for the evening, not criticize it.
Indulge him, but in the case of a male Scorpio, is to focus not on their culinary abilities. Get tickets to the concert of his favorite band, a football game, offer to go to his favorite restaurant. Pay a lot of attention to sexual life, deliver him, praise him.
Scorpions love beauty: take care of yourself, change yourself, be feminine. Man-Scorpion you can take with you shopping, but do not overdo it, select it with a stunning dress or a sexy lingerie.
Don't leave him in a difficult moment, be loyal to his whims and weaknesses. When his condition returned to normal, he will thank you. Let him intercede for you, Scorpio - great defender, try to seem weaker than you really are. He will appreciate it.