Meets on clothes

First of all, Scorpio appreciates girls in appearance. It is not interested in a "gray mouse", but long legged seductive beauty will satisfy. This zodiac sign will appreciate a woman who appreciates herself and loves: caring for the body, buys the best clothes and cosmetics, not because he hopes to look more attractive, but because she believes that is worthy of this elite product.

Scorpio appreciates sexuality. He's interested in a girl if you suspect she has an explosive temperament and sexual habits that he will like. Want to please a guy born under the sign of Scorpio – feel free to dress slightly provocatively: neckline and mini skirt will be very helpful.
Choose the original perfume – seductive aromas cause the Scorpions a genuine interest.

Mental abilities

Scorpio prefers smart girls. Not necessarily that his fiancee was a PhD or take up a leading post in a private firm. She don't even have versed in classical literature and be able immediately to take the integrals. As long as she could hold a conversation and, importantly, to challenge the views of Scorpio. Representatives of this zodiac sign are interested in a variety of topics ranging from the principles of the LHC and ending with the reasons for the divorce of the President. Want to capture the heart of Scorpio have an opinion on any question and feel free to Express it.


Judging by the appearance of women who like Scorpions, it can be assumed that the various women's tricks and gimmicks awaken in him the interest, but it is not. He is attracted to the sincere and straightforward, but it is not naive girls who know exactly what they want from life. Another trait that causes Scorpions to the delight integrity. If you will defend in a conversation with a man in your position, you will be interested in it.
Scorpio loves charismatic personalities. People without the "highlights" seem bland and boring.

One-sided jealousy

Do not try to arouse the interest of Scorpio, talking about their previous relationships, especially the positive qualities that were vested in your past men, and their outstanding actions. Even if the guy is the Scorpio started to get interested in you, this behavior will strangle him in the Bud. Himself as the representative of this Zodiac sign allows liberties – interested views and the smiles of beautiful ladies present in the environment. But if you start to show signs of jealousy, very surprised, because for him such behavior is in order.