Male-Scorpio prefers not to sit and wait for the sea weather, and to seek his lady. In love with the representative of this Zodiac sign will give all the strength to the girl drew attention to it. For her sake he was ready to go on a risky and extravagant actions. He is able to come and quarrel with the head of his passions, which loads her work outside of her official duties, or climb the tree to bind the balcony girl balloons. And no obstacles prevent the Scorpion to carry out his plan.
Scorpio surrounds the subject of their feelings not only attention, but also gifts, sometimes very expensive. If you care about the Scorpio person will ask him to go to the store for cookies to tea, the representative of this Zodiac sign will return with the ordered. He will bring a couple of packets of sweets that is liked by his lover. For her sake he was ready to do more.
There is a perception that the Scorpius complex. They are proud, quarrelsome, consider only my opinion. Everything changes when a man-Scorpio falls in love. Any woman he is able to show tenderness and vulnerability, the presence of which she could not even suspect.
Scorpio vengeance tries to please his passions. It concerns and sex. In bed man in love will try to his sweetheart was with him. And since the majority of representatives of this Zodiac sign is this a natural talent, he is likely to succeed.
Scorpio is highly passionate in love, however, if you betray him like that, with no less fervor he is able to begin to take revenge, and he will be creative. If the same relationship is completed honestly and without reticence, this Zodiac sign can act very noble, for example, to keep the joint property of the former partner.