Scorpio is a sign who loves to shock others. And his partner he chooses a man who sincerely admires him. Therefore, in order to fall in love with a guy,Scorpio, praise his achievements. React to all his actions, support his initiative. Let him see that you are ready to admire and expect from his new feats.
Do not confess your feelings first, men-Scorpions love to see the initiative came from them. But this does not prevent you in every way to flirt - to flirt, casually touch the guy's shoulder, to lean over for a better view, etc. Scorpio will not wait for you to tell about your interest, he considers your marks and ask out.
Keep yourself active, meet friends, go to cinema, theatre. Scorpions - individualists and prefer to communicate with others through partner. Show that you love to be in the company that you are interested and not a nuisance. Then Scorpio will be interested in you.
A physical relationship is very important for Scorpio, he refers to them as a ritual. Therefore, you should not agree to sex at once. Palermoite met, resplice the desire of Scorpio. The longer he can't get what you want, the stronger falls in love with the object of passion. Resistance causes it to look for new approaches, he is becoming more active every day, showing their feelings.
Scorpions are an interesting sexy attractive women. Change the style of clothing. Buy more revealing outfits with plunging necklines and slits. But don't confuse sexuality with vulgarity. Vulgar women men-Scorpions too, but once. After a night spent together, they disappear and don't call anymore. So exercise your sexuality, but not too be Frank.