Girl Scorpios are usually passionate nature, complex and contradictory. If you want to impress a lady impression, try to work on your image – make it more mysterious, strange, sensitive. At first acquaintance can show a demonstrative indifference of an experienced seducer, who only after some time give the lady your attention. Such a move will make the girlof Scorpio to pay attention to you and to look closer at your person.
When need to somehow "hook" the attention of the girl-Scorpion's unusual behavior, on the first date you should try to be yourself. Despite the fact that Scorpions love originality, they just can not stand when they are trying to mislead by pretending to be someone else. Invite your new friend in unusual place, preferably where you can unobtrusively observe other people, and then talk about their observations.
Most likely, during your conversation the girl will take the initiative in their hands, trying to learn about you as much information as possible. Without noticing, you will tell all your secrets. However, she will not rush herself to reveal the soul. In conversation be careful: casual words can turn against you.
Don't even try to argue with a girl-Scorpion: it is always and everywhere the right. The real Scorpions constantly require to be as they want, and know how to achieve this.
To your relationship with a friend-a Scorpion was harmonious, is very important from the experience and establish emotional contact is very important for it plays as you watch her listen, think about it.
Never, under any circumstances, do not let the girl with the Scorpio a reason to be jealous. Nature is passionate and explosive, she just does not tolerate competition, you should entirely belong to her alone.
Female Scorpios love strong men, ready for a confrontation. Scorpions despise the weak and those who could not withstand its pressure. If you want to be with a woman you have to learn to "take a punch" - otherwise, you simply remove the ring after the first knockout.