The best weapon against a proud Scorpio - flattery. So you did not speak about his superiority over others, he takes everything at face value. Don't be afraid to use the epithets "Best", "Brilliant", etc. people of this sign there is no doubt in their own exceptionalism. And thus lull his vigilance, you can bend it yourself, send it thoughts and actions exactly where you need.
To get Scorpion to do something impossible. It can only ask. Hard externally, many representatives of this sign have a soft heart. If you will be able to soften it or bring arguments, which reach the innermost corners of his soul, to control the Scorpion will be easy.
Scorpions are subject only to recognized leaders. Become so in his eyes. For this I have to try. It is important not only in career but also respect from mutual friends and acquaintances. Prove yourself in the field, which is not yet available to the representative of this sign. Make sure that the Scorpion found out about your success and I admire them. Then it will become quite pliable and will listen to your opinion.
Become to the Scorpion mystery. Don't tell yourself any information that could shed light on your past. Disappear for a while from sight. Elusive prey is most interesting for the Scorpion. And in exchange for the crumbs of information that you will give dosed to achieve complete submission.
Find out weaknesses of Scorpio. Someone greedy, someone cowardly or envious. Play on the negative qualities. Greedy get information about special offers and sales, the coward promise support, always and everywhere, the envious tell us about their own, even fictional failures. So you will earn the full trust and can control the Scorpion as you want.