Scorpio interested in women who are confident in their attractiveness. You probably will flatter a man of this sign, if you wear tight fitting dresses with embellishments accentuates the neckline. However, ensure that your appearance was not of vulgarity. If you wear Cologne, choose a fragrance with passionate, heady notes.
In communication it is important to captivate his subject. He can spend hours listening to intelligent women and enjoy myself taking part in conversations. His good nature will not allow him to pass by girls that firmly defends its own interests, does not hesitate when making important decisions can become a trusted friend, etc. You must have a strong character, but to be weaker than him.
Scorpio – great owner, so being around him does not flirt with other men. Even if you intend not going to do it, and he noticed the admiring male glances, ready for a showdown. He himself is not averse to flirt with other women, but if a Scorpio is in love, no females not worthy of his attention, but the beloved.
By its nature, the Scorpion extends to all mystical and mysterious. To fully conquer his imagination and thoughts, become for him a mystery, shrouded in a loop inaccessibility. At the same time, don't be cold to him, or he will easily lose interest and find myself a different object of longing. Moreover, men-Scorpions fans is always there.
If you, becoming a Fisher of Scorpio, not configured for a serious relationship, then as soon as possible leave him alone. Man in love-Scorpio will go to victory to the end, and if the end result instead of the desired he would hear, "let's stay friends", you'll only make an enemy. In this case you can experience for yourself the old adage that says that "from love to hate one step." Do not tease a Scorpio, and he always knows what a painful place to sting.