Pick a good section and a competent mentor. Decide which kind of sport suits you! After all, if you won't get pleasure from training, the attainment of the rank of candidate will be more like hard labor. Maybe you are interested in arts or athletics and, perhaps, romance. Someone generally will only fit looking for a sport without a strong physical overload, for example, chess. Another point is the selection of a mentor. Take this question very seriously, because without an experienced coach, all your efforts can go in vain!
Find out what you need to achieve the level of candidate master of sports in your chosen form. Will learn the theory of its kind of sport. Since your goal is to become a candidate in master of sport, record exactly what it needs to do. In different kinds of sport – different standards: the number of minutes, pounds, or defeated a stronger opponent in competition. Anyway, you should always see the goal in front of their eyes.
Create a coach along with a step by step plan to achieve the goal. Now you can see a clear task in front of him. In the first training months, your mentor will be able to determine what actions and for what period of time will lead you to the rank of candidate master of sports. Make step-by-step training cycle, which can guarantee you obtain this rank after a certain time. Of course, all very individually. Consider the features of your body and training load.
Proceed immediately to the execution of the training plan in the course of correcting it. All you need now is to act on a clear plan! Practice intensely, without losing the intended path. Keep a training diary, where you enter your training load status, diet, and notes. All this will help you to correct the lagging moments and bring you closer to the goal.
Prepare for urban or regional competitions. Once you reach the appropriate form, make application to the city and then regional competitions in selected video sport. Most likely, running the sports standard of the candidate and taking 1 or 2 places at competitions of this rank, you will be awarded the title of candidate in master of sports. In game kinds of sports it is given for regional and national competitions, where the team needs to take the medals or the Cup for the first place.