You will need
  • room;
  • - shells;
  • - Grif;
  • - iron;
  • trainer;
  • - training plan.
Find the section of powerlifting in your area. You need in hall in which there will be a lot of expensive equipment. It should only be rack, horizontal bench, vulture, castles and lots of pancakes. Besides, with the progress of your training needs observe an experienced coach, with whom you need to work closely to qualify for a discharge.
Weigh and record the data in a training diary. Of your weight will depend on how many calories you need to consume daily, and to which category according to the standards to strive for. You can find information on the website
Make a mentor step-by-step plan to achieve your goal. To start, challenge yourself to 1 or youth 3 adult class.
Practice hard throughout the season and prepare for competition. Start to follow the plan that you developed with the coach. First of all, the perfect equipment of exercise in triathlon. Come to workout a day and each week try to increase the load on the equipment, while not forgetting about the correctness and clarity of the exercises.
Examine the regulations. Level in powerlifting are awarded in the categories of juniors, Junior (19-23 years) and girls, boys (14-18 years). His assignment takes to the stated number of years were you in the year of competition. Play at school level, University (district) or city.
Competitions can be open and closed. However, in any case, if you show the sum the result, which is calculated relative to its weight, you will be assigned a youth or 1-3, or 1-3 adult level. Besides, if you take a prize or first place, you will be awarded a special diploma that shows your weight category, the result is in kg and received a discharge.