Advice 1: As to the category of Boxing

The system discharges and sports titles - a legacy of Soviet training athletes. Exists mainly in Russia and some CIS republics. In the West rank athlete determine the classification of zones, for example, in judo and karate, as well as in sport achievements: world champion, Olympic games, America, etc. In our country the standards for the assignment of sports titles and ranks are assigned according to different criteria: artistic gymnastics, for the number of points scored in the competitions in swimming and athletics over the time shown; in Boxing and other martial arts for winning the competition.
As to the category of Boxing
Third Junior category of Boxing is given to young men to 13-14 years for systematic training in Boxing and if the athlete is engaged in this sport for one year and won 2 victories over boxers-beginners. Boys 15-16 years of age receive the same discharge in the course of the year, but for 3 such victories.
The second category of boys up to the age of 13-14, awarded for training in Boxing for two years and 3 wins over athletes of the third youthful category. Boys 15-16 years of age receive the same discharge during the year six such victories.
The first Junior category is assigned only to boxers from 15 years. You need to win in one year 10 fighters of the second youth category.
Adult discharges are assigned to the elder youths, and men and women. Women get third degree for victory in the course of the year on three athletes-beginners, the second for 6 wins over rivals the third category.
10 victories over the athletes of the second category get the first rank. Men according to the same criteria can receive up to the second adult category. In all these cases the norms are given for winning the tournament of the sports organizations which have the right to assign 1st and other mass discharges.
Men assigned to the first adult class only at official competitions at least at the municipal level. They get this discharge and provided that the 3 matches in the County championship if in a weight category at least 4 athletes of the 1st sports category. Boys become owners of the first category and for such achievements in the championship of the Russian Federation.
The title of candidate master of sports and masters of sports boxers you get the achievements in the district competitions, all-Russian tournaments, cups and Championships of Russia and the Championships of Europe and world.
The title of master of sports of international class awarded for winning the Junior world and European Championships and adult Championships. Men can become holders of the title of MSIC, even for fourth and fifth places at the world Cup. Both men and women, the 1st th to 8-th place at the Olympic games, too, get this title.

Advice 2 : How to execute standard of master of sports

Master the skills in the selected sport. This is a man who for many years of training and shows good results in major competitions. So how to still get this title?
How to execute standard of master of sports
You will need
  • - gym;
  • - shape;
  • - mentor.
Select the form in which you wish to obtain the title of master of sports. If you are in doubt, consider martial arts classes. Boxing, for example, allows you to train and achieve results people with completely different genetics and training. There is a special training program. If you are between 14 to 35 years of age, you may be able to become a master of sports in this form. This is the most suitable age range for Boxing.
Find a good sports club and an experienced coach. The room should have all conditions for training: pear, ring, plenty of space, makivary, rope, paws, and a small area with hardware (machines) for OFP. Also it is very important that you prepared a professional tutor who has already educated masters, or candidates in master of sports. It will speak about his experience and skills.
Develop with mentor a plan for achieving this goal. Generally, to achieve the title master, you need to give up many other things in life. If you qualify, then you will need to clearly describe the plan for 4-5 years ahead, so that nothing threatened a strict training regime. Do it together with his coach.
Practice, practice and again practice for a given program. Run in the morning, crosses, day in either attack or strength. Go 2-3 times a year for special training camps. Give the maximum every day. Alternate work on the makiwara and the heavy bag with sparring and training before a mirror. Follow precisely all the instructions of the coach.
Speak as often as possible in the competitions of different scale. You were awarded the title of master of sport, you must do one of the following requirements:• 1 or 2nd place at Cup of Russia if it was carried out 3 fights;• 1 or 2 place in the Championship of Russia, passing in winter, if it was done 3 fights;• Victory in the Championship of Russia, Ministry of internal Affairs, if it was done 3 fights;• Victory in the competitions of the national level class "A", if it was done 3 fights;• Win twice at the all-Russian tournament among juniors, if it was done 3 fights;• 1 or 2nd place in the championship of Russia among juniors, if it was done 4 fights.If something first does not work, make adjustments in the training mode. Prepare for new performances and achieve goals.
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Sportinguistas and train with athletes that are better and more professional you.
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