Types of mats

If you are followers of yoga to be very thin mats with a thickness of typically up to 6 mm and with a non-slip surface. Stability and contact with the floor, actually the most important factors during your yoga practice. More expensive models have a beautiful and original color or have a surface which prevents excessive sweating, and thus the exercises are more comfortable.

Pilates strengthens the body, stretches muscles, and promotes rehabilitation. Exercises are performed primarily in the supine position, and therefore, any Mat plays a huge role. Mats for Pilates differ from yoga mats in the first place, the thickness - their thickness is about 1.5 cm, that allows to provide continuous protection from possible back pain. Their colors and functionality are impressive. Mats brand FlexMat have reinforced edges and handle for carrying. Mats for fitness are the most flexible type of Mat. You can do squats, support, stretching exercises. When buying a rug you need to think about bag which will help you keep it clean and for easy transport.

What you need to pay attention to when buying?

In addition to the mats, fitted to the appropriate exercises, an important element is its length, which must be adapted to growth. You should also pay attention to slip, material and flexibility - the movement of the mats during exercise is problematic. Ideally, an appropriate Mat can facilitate the performance of specific physical exercises and make learning more comfortable and the effects are more noticeable.