Get a third Junior level. This can be done at the age of 11 years. To do this you have during the year to gain 2 wins in citywide or regional competition over sports teams, whose members do not have the skill or 1 victory over the team in which athletes play with a second youthful category.
Win the second Junior level at age 12 years. To do this, during the year, 12 city-wide or regional matches you need 2 times to beat volleyball players from the second category, or 1 time in athletes with the first discharge.
Make it worthy of the first youth category at age 13 or later, prevail over the two teams with the athletes of the first rank, or win one match with volleyball players from the third adult category, appearing in the competition, consisting of 12 matches.
Win a 15 and 20 significant matches to obtain a second and third adult category at already known scheme. To win the first adult level, defeat the two teams with the athletes of the first category or candidate master of sports. For obtaining the title of candidate master of sport should occupy in national or international competitions the places from 5 to 2.
4-1 take place at the national or international tournaments, that you appropriated the title of master of sports in volleyball. Another possibility of obtaining this rank is the entry for the year among the 10 best players in the rating of Russian Volleyball Federation.
Reach the ¼ finals open Championships USA, UK, France, Australia or the Olympic games in order to become a "master of sports of international class". 1-2 seats from two victories in the World League, European Cup can also help you in obtaining this high rank.