Advice 1: How to get the category tennis

To receive a grade in tennis, you must fulfill a number of standards, according to the Unified Russian sports classification. However, since the title of candidate master of sports, is sufficient to occupy certain positions in the ranking of the Russian tennis Federation and also the WTA rankings or ATP, participating in international competitions.
How to get the category tennis
You can get the third Junior level in 11 years. To do this, you gain 2 victory over athletes without qualification or 1 over player second youth category during the year. You should take part in at least 10 single meetings.
The second Junior level you can be rated 12, but you 2 times won the match with tennis players second-class or 1 – on tennis player of the first category, taking part in 12 matches during the year.
To the first Junior level in 13 years, having won over 2 players of the first category or one time to win the match with a tennis player third adult category, having not less than 12 matches.
Adult level tennis are assigned in the same way, with the difference that for the second and third category will need your participation in 15 games, and for the first 20 years. In addition, to obtain the first adult category, you can defeat the 2 athletes of the first category or above candidate for the master of sports.
If you want to get the title of candidate master of sports, you need to take in singles at the national Championships or international competitions 5-10 places, and in doubles from 2 to 4.
To obtain the title of master of sports in tennis you'll need to take 1-4 place in a single or 1st in doubles at the national Championships or international tournaments. However, there is another possibility to obtain this title to be among the 10 best players in the rating of the Russian tennis Federation for the year.
For the title of "master of sports of international class" it is necessary to reach the quarterfinals of the Olympic games, the open championship, USA, Australia, France, UK. 1-2 places in the zonal matches of the fed Cup (women) or Davis Cup (men), subject 2 wins will also be able to help you to this high rank.

Advice 2: How to get the title of master of sports

Professional sport is often a matter of life. Therefore, the main goal of every athlete is a sports rank: candidate master of sport, master of sport, international master of sports. Of course, for each of the ranks, there are certain bit requirements, after which, you will be awarded this title.
How to get the title of master of sports
So, if you set a goal to get a degree of candidate in masters of sports (CMS), you should know the following. First, start working on the implementation of the requirements based only if you're over 13 years, since before the level IMR are not assigned. CCM can be obtained by number of wins, or at busy places. So, to get the title of the CCM take on the competition such places:1. European Championships: singles – 5-8th place doubles – 3-4 place in the team competition – 3-4 places;
2. In the championship of Russia: in singles – 13-20 seats (number of wins – 12), doubles – 5th-6th place, team competition – 3-6 persons (number of wins – 12);
3. On the Cup of Russia in command superiority – 3-8 location (number of wins – 12);
4. On superiority of Russia: in singles – 5-8 place (wins – 12), doubles and team competition – 3-4 places (number of wins – 12).
If you participate in the team competition, to obtain the title, do not play less than half of the games. In the case of seeking to MMR by number of victories, in the course of the year win 12 wins over having the title of the KMS athletes, or 16 victories, among which half will be over the candidates in the wizard sport, and half – over athletes with I sports category. Year start counting from the date when you won the first victory. If you win, the athlete who has a sports title, a victory equal to two. In case of a victory on the same athlete, they are counted as one result. If you won due to technical reasons, such a victory at the expense of the title do not count. If the year of the competition you will be required number of years, even after the competition, take part in them.
The title of master of sports of Russia can only be obtained once in your pocket you already have the CCM by performing certain bit requirements and having a certain number of wins in international competitions.
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