To begin, select the kind of sportthat you want to achieve success. To choose it is depending on sex, age, anthropometric data, and your Hobbies. If you are confused which sport to choose, and become a master like, can choose to variety of powerlifting. To fulfill the norm of master of sports in powerlifting is not that easy, but with perseverance and a good anthropometric data (broad shoulders and chest, not very long torso relative to the limbs) it is really as a good technique you can put in any club of powerlifting.
Choose a sports club, which will be engaged, at least by searching on the Internet, but it is better to take the advice of acquaintances who already have some experience in this sport. It is not that the most important step, however, if you don't have people with a higher level of KMS, and these one or two, perhaps, and you will not be able to fulfill the cherished standard.
Set up relationships with your coach and follow his instructions and advice. Of course, many do, and without the supervision of a coach, learn the technique and choose a training program with the help of books, magazines, or through various forums. However, if you have a good experienced mentor, you will be much easier to accomplish the discharge and to avoid injuries.
Participate in powerlifting competitions. Competitions will help you to obtain the experience necessary to meet the standard of master of sports. Keep in mind that the norm of master of sports can be performed at the competitions, observing a number of conditions. In powerlifting, for example, the regulations depend on your own weight, and the amount of weight that you lift in three exercises (bench press, squats, deadlifts).
To fulfill the norm of master of sports on territorial and final competitions of national scale, the open championship of Moscow and St. Petersburg (with participation of at least 5 regions, territories and republics). Also you can do it at national tournaments conducted by the Federation of powerlifting (power triathlon) of Russia with the participation of representatives of not less than 5 areas, edges, republics and at least 10 participants in each stream, provided a sample for doping control.
Standards for men