Discharge, another discharge

As stated in the uniform all-Russia sports classification, ice hockey, or simply hockey, there are three adults category assigned for you achieve on the ice players who have not yet had the status of professionals and is not yet exposed at the level of the championship of Russia.
All the most famous Russian hockey players-professionals graduated from and received his first sports categories and awards, training and playing, not only in Amateur and domestic clubs, but also teams detsko-sports schools.

So, to be able to possess the lowest, the third category, hockey-fans have to hold and win the team at least six matches in the championship of the district. To obtain the second category players must occupy the first line of the table of the regional tournament no less than five teams. Finally, to meet the standard of the first category, applicants must not only be able to play hockey, but to play in the championship of the Republic with the participation of at least eight teams.

Hockey play real professionals!

The most realistic way to become an athlete-discharger for a young fan of puck and stick is a long-term training in specialized schools, and performance in official youth national competitions.
The captain of the national team of Russia on hockey at the 2014 Olympics Pavel Datsyuk in the early 90s, he graduated from the Ekaterinburg hockey school "Yunost", and then moved into the adult team "Dynamo-Energiya" and received an invitation to the national team.

The third sports category for girls and boys-aceitam is awarded for:
1-e a place in superiority of the country among teams in the age of 15; 3rd place among teams of up to 16 years; 7-8th among the teams under 17 and 18 years old.
The second category is given for:
2nd place among teams of up to 16 years; 5-6 — among the teams under 17 and 18 years old.
The first class is awarded for:
1st place among teams of up to 16 years; 2-4-e — teams of up to 17 and 18 years old.

Let us add that the first category could also be players who won the championship of the Russian Federation (except Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) at the age of 18, the championship of the Federal district, Moscow and St. Petersburg at the age of 17 or who became second in the same tournament teams to 18. Also the first rank is assigned to players playing in the adult championship of Russia, but played there at least 50% of the official matches.